NEON PARALLEL 1996 (2015) is a cold and thoughtful vaporwave-inspired blend of past and future. Using live-action footage, video game segments, simulated chat logs, and poetic prose to create a world that feels as if its lurking just below the surface of our own (11 mins)

I wonder. (2017) is a dream (6 mins)

All About a Girl (2004) explores the beautiful and strange innocence of childhood, alienation and desire that arises from growing up a bit weird (5 mins)

dirty girls (2000) was shot in 1996 & focuses on a group of 8th grade riot grrrls known around their school as "dirty girls". judged by their peers & known around school for being dirty, unfeminine, and rebellious -- the girls distribute zines to share their message (18 mins)

The Birth Tab (2015) is an absurdist, surreal trip through virtual space told by a woman searching for a pill that lets you experience a webcam feed of your own birth, known as the Birth Tab -- filmed in Second Life (10 mins)

LockDown Browser Shortcut (2022) is a glitchy graphic association work set to the sound of the raw data file of Lockdown Broswer desktop shortcut imported into Audacity (2 mins) [flash + noise warning]

Watching The Pain of Others (2019) is a desktop documentary analysis of another film titled "The Pain of Others". This video analysis explores concepts of empathy, parasocial relationships, women's physical and mental health, and the desperate attempts we make at connection, approval, and confirmation through posting online (32 mins)

The Tree and the Cat (Дерево і кішка) (1983) is a Ukranian animated short about love and loss shown through the relationship between a tree and a cat (9 mins)

AMERICAN REFLEXXX (2015) is a glitchy social experiment that showcases the reality of mob mentality, transphobia, and misogyny in America (14 mins)

My Mulholland (2020) is a desktop documentary detailing the director's experience watching the film Mulholland Drive (2001) and the alienatingly vulnerable experience of growing up online (15 mins)