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hello! i'm bri but u can also call me bbstar i mainly made this website to showcase my interests and also improve my coding skills! when i originally made this site, i was suffering from a severe spinal injury and couldn't really leave my house.. making this site brought me so much joy during such a dark time and while i can't update this site as much as i used to (or would like to) it is still very dear to me....<3

i'll tell you a little bit about myself while you're here... (˵ •̀ ᴗ - ˵ ) ✧

i live in the desert in the united states and am currently a student studying psychology. i love the internet and finding new ways to engage with it (that's part of why i started this site!) i love meeting and connecting with new people online and exploring the depths of the web. i'm very inspired by the possibilites of the internet!

my biggest passion in life is music i love listening to music and producing music (sometimes). i also like to dj in my spare time.. but i'm not very good yet (´∀`;) some of my favorite artists are the cure, skinny puppy, cocteau twins, bogdan raczynski, bjork, bladee, HIM, strawberry switchblade, snow strippers, elliott smith, goreshit, brutalismus 3000, elusin, boris, SALEM, yung lean, and sooo much more...

i also really like video games, anime, and film! my favorite games are probably silent hill 2 and the harvest moon franchise. my favorite anime are madoka magica, nana, chobits, kuragehime, and any early 2000s psychological anime! film is probably my biggest interest other than music at the moment. i really love watching new movies and am involved with some film clubs irl and online! some of my favorites are spring breakers (2012), daisies (1966), party monster (2003), picnic at hanging rock (1975), nowhere (1996), and the dirties (2013). i also really love short films.. you can see my favorite short films here or here!

other than all that stuff.. i like reading, online shopping, working on my site, collecting dolls and perfume, being in love, going for car rides, going to local shows, learning russian (привет!), and hanging out with friends!

you can find me around the web
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